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Everspring Health

Everspring Health is a lifestyle, health and healing cooperative that is changing the landscape of healthcare. Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities metro area. For 20 years our focus has been on developing a community healthcare resource where health, wellness and quality of life are the same ambition of whole life health and healing programs.

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Mission Driven Healthcare

Mission Driven Healthcare

Our Mission

Our Mission is quality of life.

We are dedicated to creating an environment where lifestyle, health and healing services can be provided in an intuitive and compassionate manner.


Rooted In Values

Our Values

Our Values reflect our focus on quality of care

It is our intention to provide access to high quality healthcare products and services, while maintaining our cooperative integrity.


Committed to Service

Our Committment

Our Commitment is quality of service.

Our focus is on service; service to our members, to our community, to the environment, and to ourselves.


A Vision for Sustainable Healthcare

Our Model

Our Vision: Accessible, Effective care.

Our vision is one where quality of life is the true focus of health and healing, one where accessibility and sustainability go hand in hand.

Integrative Heathcare focused on cultivating quality of life

Complete health programs built just for you.

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For Individuals

Everspring Health is focused on the individual - each individual, every individual.

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For Families

Families are an essential part of our community and we are happy to provide our services to your family.

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For Businesses

We make the health of your team members a priority so you can remain productive.

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Everspring Services Foundational Healthcare

What our community thinks...

Everspring Health Service Fees

All fees are due at the time of service

  • Public
  • $85*
  • The public is always welcome
  • Single Visit
  • Member
  • $70*
  • Single/Family Member
  • Single Visit
  • Member
  • Starting at $140*
  • Single/Family Member
  • Monthly Access
  • Member
  • $300*
  • Business Member
  • Monthly Concierge Service

Pricing Details
Monthly Access Terms Of Service
*Pricing does not include applicable taxes.

What to Expect

  • Time

    For most individuals the first visit will require about 90 mins of your time with follow-up visits requiring about 60 mins.

    Meeting Your Needs

    Each visit we seek to maximize the outcomes possible for your specific needs. Our treatment strategies might involve different therapies and/or personal health strategies based on your needs and goals at the time.

  • Everspring Health

    This part of our service is medically focused and what we call Foundational Care. This is our base level care to get you back into balance, where medical needs are met and you are able to effectively function in your daily life. We seek to stabilize your condition and then seek dissolution of your condition.

    Foundational Care

    Foundational Care is all about the fundamentals of health and healing. Sound diagnostics and effective treatment strategies are the foundation we seek to establish. We seek to care for your medical needs and proceed to educate you on the role stress, diet and sleep plays in your current and lifelong health.

  • Everspring Living

    Everspring Living is about the whole landscape of your life as it relates your health and healing journey. It is about living your best life with the professional support you need to navigate the path ahead.

    High Performance Care

    Our High Performance programs are for people who are tired of trying everything but can't seem to cultivate their most fulfilling experience.

    Your best experience is our goal no matter what, however, for those ready to make it happen this is where we build a personalized program to health and longevity a part of your daily life.

Benefits of Cooperative Membership


No information provided by Everspring Health within this website is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or disorder. Should you need urgent medical attention you should contact your physician or in cases of emergency contact 911.

No offer is being made to sell securities and no one has been authorized to sell securities or memberships on behalf of Everspring Health. If you have any questions about membership you should contact us directly.