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What is the difference between healing and curing?

Written by John Blaska
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This question was once addressed by Dr. Bernie Siegel where he mentioned that we may not be able to cure every disease but people can indeed be healed. The concept here is noting a difference in perspective. The discussion surrounding a cure is focused on a disease and the context of specifically eliminating the disease whereas the discussion of healing is in relation to the individual as a whole. When we seek to cure a disease our focus is on the disease and the process of eliminating that disease. Since healing involves improving the quality of life for the individual as a whole, a disease may still be targeted but in concert with the intent to improve the quality of one's daily life.

An example of healing would be the process where a disease is controlled or reduced to a point where a person's quality of life may be such that the disease no longer interferes with their daily productivity. So while an individual may still have diabetes, for example, they may have no signs of the disease and/or the disease no longer hinders the quality of one's experience in daily living. A key benchmark in the process of healing includes liberation from the disease even if the disease may still be present. This liberation is the experience where one's perspective shifts from focusing on, and possibly being dictated by a disease, to being focused on the appreciation of one's life as a whole. This perspective may still include the presence of a disease but more importantly the focus shifts to the many opportunities they have before them.

This definition of healing is why Everspring Health incorporates healing into the functional mission of our cooperative. We are a lifestyle, health and healing cooperative because each of those concepts is at the heart of what we do everyday. Healing is the process of cultivating quality of life and quality of life is our mission.

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